“What’s This Tail Saying” by Carolyn Combs

“What’s This Tail Saying” by Carolyn Combs 175 143 Reader Views Kids

What’s This Tail Saying?

Carolyn Combs
Illustrated by Cathy Morrison
Dawn Publications (2020)
ISBN: 9781584696629
Reviewed by Evan C. (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (04/2021)

Do you love animals and wish you knew more about them? You have to read “What’s This Tail Saying?” by Carolyn Combs so you are aware of what an animal might try to tell you since they can’t talk to us. Animals use their body to tell predators to stay away or they use their bodies to show they want a friend or mate. I love to hike and see wildlife but it is important to be safe. Since we cannot speak animal this book is a great guide to help you understand what an animal might be trying to tell you.

This is a good book to have when you are in the wild so you can use it to help read what an animal is trying to say. They might be saying to stay back, or they might be trying to protect their nest. I like the illustrations in this book because the animals look so real. I have never seen a skunk or snake in real life but I feel like I know what to look out for if I did with this book! Definitely a book to keep in your backpack when you adventure!

I also liked how real the animals looked. The drawings were so helpful because I have never seen a skunk in before! Now I want to see if I can figure out what an animal is saying. I could help protect them and stay safe at the same time! 

Mother’s Note:

This book was a sweet tale about animal’s body language.  We love to explore and are always looking for animal prints or signs that there has been wildlife on the trails we take. One summer, we nearly ran into a black bear while going for a stroll in our neighborhood. We knew exactly what to do because since he was a baby he has been bear aware. This book introduced us to animals that we do not have in our state. It began a dive into various animal books we have as well as paying attention to our everyday animals like our dogs. “Mom his tail is down. That means he senses something.” He was right someone ended up ringing our doorbell about 10 seconds later.

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