“The Ranatanland Tales” by Dr. Lloyd Chiasson, Jr.

“The Ranatanland Tales” by Dr. Lloyd Chiasson, Jr. 166 265 Reader Views Kids

The Ranatanland Tales

Dr. Lloyd Chiasson Jr.
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN 9781735303208
Reviewed by Grady D. (age 8) for Reader Views (06/2021)

“The Ranatanland Tales” is an amazing book in which Gus is visiting his Grandpa and Grandma’s house when a hurricane hits. Gus is scared during the hurricane, which I can relate to because I get scared during thunderstorms. To help soothe Gus, his Grandpa reads him a book called “The Ranatanland Tales.” That book follows quite a few people, though mostly two characters called Willie G Soon and Joey Perch. I say, what an adventurous pair those two are!

I loved the story, which was quite amazing, especially the first book that Grandpa reads of “The Ranatanland Tales,” in which Joey Perch and Willie G Soon find the source of a river that seems to have no end. “The Ranatanland Tales” has a very good author and a captivating tale that’s just sure to catch your attention! I love how the author puts himself in the story, because it makes the story seem more real. I also really liked the plotline, but I can’t mention too much without ruining the book!

Some things that stand out about the book are:

#1: The setting, which is pretty interesting. I mean, Ranatanland? I HAVE to find out what happens in a setting with such an intriguing name! Also, that place is magical! I mean, there is Wickaberry Forest with dragons, a school called “The Terminal”, and a river called “Holiday Stream” that floods every holiday and waters the crops! One cool feature of the book is that the author included a map of Ranatanland, which helped me imagine the setting!

#2: The events, like an adventure to Holiday Lake, which Joey and Willie discover is the beginning of Holiday Stream. The most exciting parts are when they meet Yewknow Eyeknow, the dragon that knows everything you know. Joey and Willie also have to eat clover when they are starving, and they discover that it tastes good! I cook a lot with my dad, so I liked reading about them eating a new food. And finally, they have a really cool way to cross the bridge, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

#3: The characters, like Joey Perch and Willie G Soon, who are absent-minded but love adventure, and Ethel Bethel, who is popular apparently just for the green suspenders she always wears.

If I had to pick a favorite part, it would probably be when they meet Yewknow Eyeknow, because I found it interesting that the dragon eats clover and doesn’t breathe fire, or even have wings!

In conclusion, “The Ranatanland Tales” is a well-written book, with lots of captivating adventures, and some very interesting events. The book is perfect for 7-11 year olds who love adventure and fantasy, but anyone who is looking for a fun book to read should definitely check this out! Bye!

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