Casey the Container and Her First Day in Port by Kristina Bowden

Casey the Container and Her First Day in Port by Kristina Bowden 175 135 Reader Views Kids

Casey the Container and Her First Day in Port
Kristina Bowden
Illustrated by Marcia Verkaik
Twin 20 Publishing (2019)
ISBN: 9781732401419
Reviewed by Lydia (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (5/20)

“Casey the Container and Her First Day in Port” by Kristina Bowden is about a shipping container named Casey who has never been shipped out before. She learns that lots of different things get shipped all over the world, like fireworks and melons. The containers get shipped on ships and then a crane takes them and puts them each on a truck. The truck will then take them to a distribution center where they will be unloaded and their things will be put in a store. The process is short, but it is important.

Casey started off feeling nervous, but then she learns from the other containers that they are a family of containers that all work together to do the same thing all the time – transport their items. Casey is even able to help another container who is nervous to calm down and know that they are a family. All of the other vehicles, like the truck and ship, are nice to Casey and make everyone feel happy and safe. I like seeing the vehicles in the pictures because the pictures are pretty to look at, and they help explain what the pages say. I think kids who like boats and trucks will like this book.

Note from Mom: In “Casey the Container”  Bowden explains to her readers the order from items in a container to items in a store. With this kind of story, probably any kid will like it and be able to understand it; plus, it shows friendship and comradery among the containers and vehicles. Lydia enjoyed it, so I’d say it’s a good reading level for preschool and above. The text is easy to understand and the pictures are fun to look at.     

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