“Resistant” by Ryan T. Petty

“Resistant” by Ryan T. Petty 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Ryan T. Petty
Melange Books – Fire and Ice Ya (2016)
ISBN 9781680463118
Reviewed by Chris Kyle (age 16) for Reader Views (11/16)

“Resistant” by Ryan T. Petty is about how a girl named Jennifer, who is initially held captive, escapes her captors, and travels through Arkansas and Texas trying to find safe places to hide. A virus called Sa8, wiped almost everyone out and now people are labeled by an SA number just in case they contract the virus. Jennifer tested inconclusive for the virus.

The author was very good in carrying out the purpose of the story, although there were small bumps where it felt like the storyline was going off track, as well as the characters were getting mixed up with their emotions and what they were doing at the moment. The author writes well and provides great imagery for the reader, with images such as those on the cover and the infinity sign, symbolizing something important with the human race that is alive. It struck in me a resemblance with the hanging tree as portrayed in “The Hunger Games.”

The book is generally for adults and young adults ages 13 and up, that are interested in suspense and adventure. Although I have no personal experiences related to the topic, I feel as if I was living through the eyes of Jennifer as she went through the adventure of the Sa8 virus. My favorite part was when Jennifer became a part of the community where there was no virus and she was accepted even though she was inconclusive for the virus. My recommendation pertaining to the editing would be to proofread before publishing.

I loved the way the author referenced and tied the Alamo into the storyline. Jennifer was a very intriguing person to read about and I could relate to her personally when she was going through hard times and trying to thrive while living her life. I enjoyed “Resistant” and the way Ryan T. Petty wrote and exemplified the novel.

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