Remote Control Rocket: Mission to Mars! (SMARTLAB) by Paul Beck

Remote Control Rocket: Mission to Mars! (SMARTLAB) by Paul Beck 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Remote Control Rocket: Mission to Mars! (SMARTLAB)
Paul Beck
ISBN 9781932855999
Reviewed by Keith James (age 11) for Reader Views (3/09)


“The Remote Control Rocket” kit by SmartLab comes with a book and one experiment.  The book is called “Mission to Mars!” by Paul Beck.

“Mission to Mars!” gives you information about Mars and spaceships.  It also gives you detailed information about a pretend trip to and back from Mars.  I did not know that it would take longer to get back from Mars than it takes to get there!

There is a rocket in the kit and it looked so easy, safe, and cool.  It was not cool.  I tried it five times and it did not go high at all.  The highest it ever went was about 5-feet.  The package says that it will go as high as 35-feet.

My favorite part of this kit, “Remote Control Rocket,” was the book because I got lots of information about living on spaceships, astronauts, and a pretend mission to Mars.  Overall, I think that this kit was okay.  The rocket experiment was disappointing, but “Mission to Mars!” by Paul Beck was great.

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