“Rebalance” by Suz Eglington

“Rebalance” by Suz Eglington 683 1024 Reader Views Kids


Suz Eglington
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN:  979-8867938048
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (03/2024)

“Rebalance: Kiara Noir Mother Nature Series” by Suz Eglington is the exciting and fitting second book in this attention-grabbing series. The first book, “Born Torn” has her at age 16, this time she’s 18, and things are happening. She is a rare-blood queen by birth, very much protected and restricted to the castle area. In three years, she’ll be “official” but before that happens, she wants and needs to become familiar with the kingdom she will rule. She’d like every decision to be for the betterment of the kingdom, and she wants Cole to be a certainty in her life, but she doesn’t want to have to marry him so soon.

For millions of years, the earth has been ruled the same way. The introduction of new ideas and ways is unthinkable. A disturbance of the equilibrium will affect Topside and Homeland so much that the health of the world will be at risk. Taking the crown means her choices will rule, but she’d like the backing of the elders when she insists on forging this new path. Kiara has a contender named Katana, who would like to sway as many as she can to set her as queen rather than Kiara. Then enters the dark and deadly Kylie, who wreaks havoc wherever she goes.

Eglington once again crafts her world in an irresistible way, with detail and depth. This coming-of-age fantasy is the perfect balance of character-driven drama and life-altering conflict. There are personal stakes and universal ones, all wrapped in the feelings of family, purpose, nobility, and choice. I love the crackling dialogue, the intense scenes, and the sense of humor in just the right places.

The author’s choice to use first-person POV works wonderfully in this novel. Her attention to detail adds so much color to the writing. For example, when Kiara is explaining how the women in the kingdom were reluctant to share information on pregnancy and childbirth, leaving it a mystery to young women like Kiara. I like how Kiara is still interested in photography and how one of the reasons she journals is to provide a record if someone should kill her.

Kiara has a lot to learn, and a variety of teachers, one being her wise and experienced grandmother. One of the first pivotal scenes that sticks in my mind is the simple but chilling conversation about blood and tainted blood, and how it could affect Kiara:

--Kahn asked, "What will happen if they give my daughter tainted blood?"
Etta turned. "Then she can never become queen."
Mom marched over. "Why?"
"She will plague Topside and the kingdom."      
I asked because I didn't understand, "Plague? What does that mean?"

Aunt Jade closed the distance between us as Katana stood. Aunt Jade's smile crept along her lips. Current news delighting her. She lightened with a change of mood. "Wipe out the human population, dearest."--

“Rebalance” is an apt title for this book. It explores how rebalance is often needed to make things right with people and worlds again. The emotional layers in the drama are compelling, and there are important messages embedded here if you choose to accept them. One thing I can’t leave out is the romance between Kiara and Cole. An example of their dynamic is when he gives her gifts for her travels. Such a character-revealing moment.

If you enjoyed the first book in the Kiara Noir Mother Nature Series, “Born Torn,” it’s time to put “Rebalance” by Suz Eglington on your must-read list.

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