“Rebalance” by Suz Eglington

“Rebalance” by Suz Eglington 683 1024 Reader Views Kids


Suz Eglington
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: 979-8867938048
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (04/2024)

“Rebalance: Kiara Noir Mother Nature Seriesis a captivating novel that introduces us to an atmospheric world filled with magical realism and disguised villains. Penned by Suz Eglington, the book is the second installment in the Kiara Noir Mother Nature series. Readers will likely gel with the characters and their mannerisms upon reading the first installment, which is equally riveting.

Kiara Noir is a teenage princess and the next heir to the throne upon turning eighteen years old. Her life is now confined within the palace corridors for her protection. Her childhood and early teenage years were spent in the Colorado reserves with her mother, living a life of simplicity and one that the only parent she knew had chosen for her. All this changed after an aunt arrived bearing a shocking revelation about their non-human origins.

Now living a life among the ruling class, Kiara is determined to learn as much as she can about the provinces in the kingdom before becoming queen. She has a vision to unite the provinces; a vision backed by pure intentions to make reforms. But this may not happen so easily, as the ruling party on earth is rigid and not ready to conform to changes. With the actions of a rival cousin at play and the arrival of a cunning and guileful visitor, Kiara’s vision, she grasps, will come with high stakes.

“Rebalance” needs to be on everyone’s radar. The fantasy genre has so many plots that look the same, and it is so good to have found an author with a different muse.  Her storytelling is brilliant, balancing what is familiar with that which is extraordinary. Further, she takes her time building her characters, and I couldn’t help but appreciate the protagonist’s growth as the plot buds. I noticed many themes and the characters’ temperaments were fleshed out in the dialogues among characters, and I understood this factor as it steers readers on, away from the conscious slog that is so often used in this genre.

Although Kiara’s life has been marked by many hurdles and discouraging experiences, I liked her constant resolve to push on, believing that someday, the people in the kingdom will accept her as queen. Her romance with Cole, and their playful banter, reveal the chemistry between them and endear us to them.

Upon finishing “Rebalance” I now look forward to reading Suz Eglington’s last installment in the Kiara Noir Mother Nature Series trilogy. Clear prose and great exposition are among this book’s strengths, and mature YA and adult readers alike will no doubt enjoy reading this one.

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