“Ready… Set… Frog!” by Katharine Mitropoulos

“Ready… Set… Frog!” by Katharine Mitropoulos 175 237 Reader Views Kids

Ready… Set… Frog!

Katharine Mitropoulos
Set Sail Press LLC (2023)
Reviewed by Leigh Kimberly Zoby for Reader Views (05/2023)

“Ready… Set… Frog!” is an adorable children’s storybook following an ambitious little frog, Frogathan Spots, from Harmony Lane. Frogathan Spots, Frog for short, has a vivid imagination and loves playing games to challenge his athletic ability. He especially loves building obstacle courses that test his ability to jump from high distances and balance on unstable items. One morning while enjoying some flies for breakfast Frog’s parents informed him the neighborhood of Harmony Lane would be hosting a fair the following weekend. With only a week to prepare, Frog begins the construction of log ramps and huge rock piles to practice his jumps and balance for the town’s obstacle course at the fair. Yet, each time Frog begins to work on his jumping skills and balance, a neighboring friend yells out, requiring him to stop and rush off to solve a dilemma. Time after time, this keeps happening until Frog becomes frustrated, wanting to quit. Can Frog realize his dream while still providing a helping hand to his friends? 

“Ready… Set… Frog!” by Katharine Mitropoulos is an enjoyable children’s story that will have everyone laughing and cheering on Frog as he gains the knowledge and confidence to compete in an obstacle course race. The wording is easy to follow and can be read out loud with children or to themselves with a few challenging words. The author and illustrator expertly portray poor Frog’s frustration and emotions to the readers in both tone and timing as chaotic scenes come to life off the page. The illustrations follow the storyline perfectly, displaying likable characters who are vivid with detail and show emotions of frustration, understanding, and triumph. Teachable moments are abundant in this short but powerful story. A positive attitude and a charitable heart spread kindness throughout the story.

As a grandmother of three little girls, I sat them down to read, “Ready… Set… Frog!” and they loved it. We discussed Frog’s feelings, the kindness he showed his neighbors, and the importance of not giving up when things seem stacked against you. My oldest grandchild liked the story so much, she asked if she could read it aloud to her cousins next time they visit. As a family, we found “Ready… Set… Frog!” an enjoyable children’s book that will become a cherished addition to our family library.

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