Rainbow Sheep by Kim Chatel

Rainbow Sheep by Kim Chatel 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Rainbow Sheep
Kim Chatel
Guardian Angel Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9781933090849
Reviewed by Madeline (age 7) and Sophia (age 5.5) McElroy for Reader Views (7/08)


Madeline: The story is about a girl name Genevieve who has white and gray sheep. It was raining really hard one day so she decided to tickle the clouds to get them moving and make the rain stop. Sadly, the rainbow came along and Genevieve wants to cheer him up. She tries to make him happy by showing him all the great things in the world, like the things under the sea and in the jungle. This made him cry tears of joy — this was my favorite part of the story because, when the rainbow cries, his tears land on the sheep and make them colorful and pretty!

“Rainbow Sheep” is a very good book. I really like the sheep the author sent with the book. At the end of the story the author shows you how to make your own sheep, like the ones in the story and the one she sent to me. I can’t wait to make some more friends for my sheep!

Sophia: My favorite part of the book is when Genevieve is telling the rainbow about things under the sea. There is a picture of a mermaid and fish that is really neat. I love my sheep that came with the book – he is so cute! It made me laugh when Genevieve was tickling the clouds to make the rain stop. This story is happy and sad, mostly happy. I think this is a good book – I like it a lot. It is fun to read the story in “Rainbow Sheep” and play with my new sheep at the same time.

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