Queen Vernita Visits the Blue Ice Mountains
Dawn Menge
Outskirts Press (2009)
ISBN 9781432711696
Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 8) for Reader Views (9/09)

This book is about a woman named Vernita – she is a Queen. Every year she invites her friends to stay. Each friend stays for one whole month of the year. She invites her friends to come and learn about all exciting things in BlueIceMountains in the Land of Quails.

In this book I learned a lot about bears, seals, glaciers, flowers, science and more! My favorite visitor was Tyler Ann who came to visit in December. I liked this visit because they got to ride in a sled pulled by reindeer! I also enjoyed the month of June where I learned a lot about Bald Eagles. Did you know that Bald Eagles can dive up to 100 miles per hour? That’s pretty amazing!

I think this book is similar to the other book by Dawn Menge, “Queen Vernita’s Visitors” because all the friends are the same, but there are some new characters as well. “Queen Vernita Visits the Blue Ice Mountains” is a very educational book; I really learned a lot about many different animals and things in nature.

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