“Queen Vernita Visits Baja Quail” by Dawn Menge

“Queen Vernita Visits Baja Quail” by Dawn Menge 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Dawn Menge
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478741213
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 8) for Reader Views (01/16)

“Queen Vernita Visits Baja Quail” by Dawn Menge takes us again on a full year of adventures with her friends. This time she was invited to Baja Quail. The first month was spent with the dolphins and Queen Vernita learned everything she could about them, starting with the word dolphin and where it came from. She also learned that they love to play, what they eat, and how friendly and intelligent they are. Next, Queen Vernita learned about the grunions, a very small fish that comes to shore to play at night several days after a full moon. She also went to the mountains, and saw the valley and the Rio Grande River, and many more places over the rest of the year.

I always enjoy reading about Queen Vernita’s fun adventures because I learn so much. On this visit to Baja Quail, you will learn a little about the history of the place, their culture, music, and food as well.

I love the way she teaches new things and how fun it is to learn from her journeys month by month. “Queen Vernita Visits Baja Quail” by Dawn Menge is another great book!

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