Queen of Easter (Ann Estelle Stories) by Mary Engelbreit

Queen of Easter (Ann Estelle Stories) by Mary Engelbreit 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Queen of Easter (Ann Estelle Stories)
Mary Engelbreit
HarperCollins (2006)
ISBN 9780060081867
Reviewed by Brooke James (age 5) and Mom for Reader Views (2/09)


“Queen of Easter” by Mary Engelbreit is about a girl named Ann Estelle.  It is Easter and Ann Estelle gets a new hat every year.  This year, she wants a hat with ribbons and flowers so that she will have the best hat and be the Queen of Easter.  She is disappointed when her mom gives her a plain straw hat.  How can she be the Queen of Easter in such a plain hat?  Read this book to find out how what happens.

Mom:  “What did you think about this book?”

Brooke:  “It was a very good book.  I liked when she decorated her old hat with all the flowers and bows and especially the blue candy eggs!  I wanted to jump in the page and eat the candy eggs!!”

Parent’s comments:
I did not like Ann Estelle’s attitude in the beginning of the book when her mother gave her a “plain” hat – spoiled, ungrateful little girl in my opinion!!  However, I took the opportunity to talk to Brooke about how ugly Ann Estelle was when she didn’t get the exact hat she wanted.  Ann Estelle redeems herself by using her creativity and imagination and making the hat that she wanted.  She becomes the Queen of Easter by realizing what really makes a great Easter hat – with the help of some spring visitors!

“Queen of Easter” by Mary Engelbreit had a rocky start, but turned into a beautiful story.  It is worth the read.


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