Quantum Prophecy 2: The Gathering by Michael Carroll

Quantum Prophecy 2: The Gathering by Michael Carroll 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Quantum Prophecy 2: The Gathering
Michael Carroll
Philomel Books (2008)
ISBN 9780399247262
Reviewed by Dylan James (age 12) for Reader Views (11/08)


What would YOU do if your world were filled with good super heroes and evil villains? Would you give into despair as your “friends” betray and deceive you? Would you tear at your hair as a villain guns down a mall? Would you? Would you? These are the questions Danny has to face and overcome. Although not fearsome to look at, he can run faster than you can think. Don’t worry! He’s a good guy. At least he is for now.

This book was filled with action, comedy, and a little romance:  all three of the main elements that a good book needs. The main thing that is missing though is how readers relate to the book. I wasn’t so thrilled with how weak all the ‘normal’ people are. Readers want to see someone that they can relate to, and every main character in this book is incredibly powerful. Can a teenager relate to someone that can run at the speed of light? Not really. This book would have benefited greatly by having main characters that aren’t superheroes. Just ONE character like that could really grab readers. Have one normal human actually be able to do something. (Even though a superhero lost his powers for a while, that doesn’t really count since while he lost his powers he couldn’t do anything.) Have a citizen punch a villain in self-defense and the villain actually get knocked to the ground. Or have a normal teenager as a main character. That was the biggest flaw in this book, but on the bright side there weren’t many other flaws.

The only other thing is – although I perfectly understood it – this book would be much better liked if someone had read the first book before reading this one. A thing I liked in this book, and I think in many ways strengthened it was that you saw through multiple characters’ point of view. If it would have all been about one or two guys then people could relate even less. The fighting is brilliant with it accurately described and the tension right. Then some cool technology thrown in like jetpacks and radars definitely raised the bar. My favorite part of this book was one of the last battles in the book when a character gets his super-speed back and dodges bullets to end up saving his friend.  “Quantum Prophecy 2: The Gathering” by Michael Carroll is definitely a good read for anything from a pastime, to a nighttime adventure.

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