Puddle Pen Christmas By Juliet David

Puddle Pen Christmas By Juliet David 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Puddle Pen Christmas
Juliet David
Candle Books (2010)
ISBN 9781859858684
Reviewed by Max Aures (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (09/10)

“Puddle Pen Christmas” tells the story of Christmas. Each page tells part of the story and then, for further study, the corresponding Bible verses are notated at the bottom of the page. There is a scene to color with a water pen for each part of the story.


“I liked using the water pen to make the pictures. It was a lot of fun to see the pictures show up when I put water on them. I like doing them over again when they dried. I liked reading the story of Baby Jesus too.”

Parent’s comments:

“Puddle Pen Christmas” is a fun, interactive book that my son loved. We read each page and then he took the time to “paint” each corresponding water picture before we moved on to the next page. We love the reusability of the water pictures and how when they dry they are like new again. We recommend this book to teach the true meaning of Christmas. Your child will have fun while they learn!


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