Prometheus Rebound by R.L. Akers

Prometheus Rebound by R.L. Akers 150 150 Reader Views Kids


R. L. Akers
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN 9781492701439
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 17) for Reader Views (1/15)

“Prometheus Rebound” by R. L. Akers is the story of Kara Dunn, a former video game developer and grad student who is snatched up by the Air Force to aid in repelling an alien invasion.   During the Cold War, an alien ship crashed in the UK bringing new technologies and an enigmatic pilot who promised a catastrophic war in thirty years.  Now, with the fate of North America resting on her shoulders, Kara must lead a new generation of pilots in an attempt to ward off nuclear annihilation at the hands, or tentacles, of the K’Lurans.  Will Kara manage to survive the alien menace?

After developing the game Rampant, Kara went back to grad school, not expecting anything to come of her work.  Several years later, the US Air Force was using her program to train pilots for space combat.  Following an attempt on her life by a terrorist, Kara joined the Air Force.  Unable to draw the hundreds of necessary space combatants from the pool of military personnel, Kara and her team had to resort to recruiting from Rampant’s cult following of gamers.  Kara’s attempts to employ pilots did not go unnoticed.  Will Kara be able to enlist an army of pilots to defeat the alien invasion force before pro-alien terrorists destroy her and all she has worked for?

For the author’s first book, this was incredibly well done.  While the military jargon was a bit hard to follow at times, it gave depth to the story.  It was an enjoyable read, and I look forward to learning more about the K’Lurans in the next book.

I would recommend “Prometheus Rebound” by R.L. Akers to people who enjoy science fiction.  It was a rather long book, almost five hundred pages, but didn’t take too long to read.  It’s the first book in the Launch of the Gryphens duology, and I can’t wait to read the sequel.

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