“Primeval Origins: Light of Honor” by Brett Vonsik

“Primeval Origins: Light of Honor” by Brett Vonsik 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Brett Vonsik
Celestial Fury Publishing (2015)
ISBN 9780578172552
Reviewed by Arianna Violante (age 20) for Reader Views (12/15)

Having read the first book of the series, I was impatiently waiting for the chance to get my hands on “Primeval Origins: Light of Honor” by Brett Vonsik. I must admit that I was worried it would not be, like many second books, as good as the first one; but my worries faded away as soon as I began reading! Although it is definitely a continuation of the first book, I was impressed by how good the second book stood alone with its own story line. The author started the story in the future, and introduced it as its main setting right away. Within the main setting readers meet Roagaan and Aren (warriors from the ancient world) as they lay unconscious within the Wind Runner; the ship gets a surprise attack, and as Nikki and the crew fight back, they realize how important the ancient travelers are to their survival.

Again, I was amazed by Vonsik’s ability to pull the reader into a complex time-travel plot without getting them confused. Not only is he able to keep the different worlds and settings clear within the reader’s mind; he actually masters his mythical knowledge of good and evil, creation, human origins and aliens, weaving all of these concepts into his storyline to produce a well written, awesome continuation of his series. Vonsik’s writing style is not only engaging, it is also credible, as I was able to get into both worlds (future and ancient) with no reservations and visualize the settings and characters like a movie playing in my mind. The dialogues were true to the characters and era as well, which made it all seem even more real.

I found “Primeval Origins: Light of Honor” by Brett Vonsik to be a standalone sequel to an amazing adventure which is filled with action and thought provoking concepts. Vonsik broke his own record by creating a sequel that surpassed an already awesome first book. Five out of five stars!

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