Pretty Dead By Francesca Lia Block

Pretty Dead By Francesca Lia Block 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Pretty Dead
Francesca Lia Block
HarperTeen (2010)
ISBN 9780061547874
Reviewed by Lucia La (age 14) for Reader Views (09/10)

The world of supernatural creatures is mysterious, and the thrill of danger that unknown beings with powers beyond human limits exert captures our attention. Lately, there has been a huge surge of books focused on vampires, the blood-consuming immortals who are perfect in appearance and ice cold to the touch. Though such paranormal romances can be predictable and usually are just standard courtships ending with the main character living for eternity with their loved one, this story is radically different.

The vampire this story is focused on is named Charlotte Emerson. She resides in the city of Los Angeles, and seems to have it all. She possesses a grand house, designer clothing, and is the object of lust and envy among her peers for her beauty. The only thing she suffers from is loneliness, for she lives her life by herself after abandoning her creator. Not only is Charlotte a vampire, but more importantly, she is a vampire with a dramatic past, filled with love, tragedy, and life-changing events. The story is written in a very interesting format, as it goes from Charlotte’s view of what is going on to a commentary from William, her creator. In addition, there are flashbacks to what has transpired before, events that has made Charlotte who she is.

The author does an excellent job of creating a seamless timeline, combining catastrophic historical events that have taken place over hundreds of years with the present day drama filled teenage world. Charlotte becomes caught up with Emily, a girl who she treats like a sister, and Jared, Emily’s boyfriend whom she likes. Charlotte undergoes a rare transformation, slowly becoming a human once again. This book not only talks about the advantages of living forever young, but the drawbacks that eternity presents. You never know where this story might go next, and it is a real page turner.

“Pretty Dead” is an exceptional book that I would definitely recommend to others. It is intense, filled with deep inner thoughts and definitely not just another ordinary vampire novel. You definitely won’t regret giving this book a try.


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