“Positive Affirmation Journal for Black Teen Boys” by B. Mitchell-Dos Santos

“Positive Affirmation Journal for Black Teen Boys” by B. Mitchell-Dos Santos 175 262 Reader Views Kids

Positive Affirmations Journal for Black Teen Boys

B. Mitchell-Dos Santos
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: ISBN: 978-3446306530
Reviewed by Kenneth Onyenwe for Reader Views (05/2023)

“Positive Affirmations Journal for Black Teen Boys: 3 Simple Steps to Effectively Use Affirmations to Improve Your Self-esteem, Motivation, and Confidence” is an inspirational book by B. Mitchell-Dos Santos on how to leverage positive affirmations to overcome challenges. If you want to know how to change negative thoughts to positive ones, how to build better relationships, how to boost one’s self-esteem, how to develop resilience, or how to say goodbye to stress and anxiety, then read this book.

One thing I like about this book is how direct it is in condemning racism and encouraging diversity. Also, I found the practical sessions on positive affirmation very helpful. The central message of this book involves teaching young adults, especially young black males, how to personalize their challenges and then put into practice actionable tasks needed to get better. It will help them overcome life’s challenges and live a better life. In other words, study your challenges, take whatever lessons you can glean from them, and move forward.

My greatest takeaway from this book comes from a sentence on page 62 that says, “My confidence isn’t built off compliments, but it’s built on competence.” The book also encourages exercising to stay healthy. All through this book, the author encourages the reader to picture scenarios where they were inadequate, accept their inadequacies, and then make conscious, actionable plans to get better.

Reading “Positive Affirmations Journal for Black Teen Boys” gave me big motivation. I am someone who has been struggling lately to achieve my dreams, giving in to procrastination and excuses. I will employ the knowledge gained from reading this book with the hope of overcoming it.

This is not a work of fiction, so there are no characters or plots to follow. The author did justice to the title of this book, considering the way she went in-depth to discuss the concepts in it. Another thing I love is how Mitchell-Dos Santos uses simple and easy-to-understand words in her writing. I would recommend this book to teenagers trying to find their voice or anybody eager to make drastic life decisions, as this book has practical steps on what to do. Overall, “Positive Affirmations Journal for Black Teen Boys” was a good read for me.

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