“Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure” by Grace Blair

“Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure” by Grace Blair 644 1024 Reader Views Kids

Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure

Grace Blair
Grace Allison (2023)
ISBN: 978-0998830827
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (12/2023)

I am an absolute sucker for anything that involves Greek gods and mythology (yes everyone, think Percy Jackson books, which I adored) so Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure: The Human Hybrid Experiment” immediately appealed to me simply because of the title. I am so happy to say that it is a great book and the beginning of this new series by Grace Blair. It is so very exciting for me to have what looks to be a new and different series wrapped around one of my favorite topics.

In “Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure” the author starts readers off in 20,000 B.C. where Poseidon, Hades, and other gods have been hidden in tombs for most of their lives by Poseidon’s father, Cronus. He sees these children of his as a threat to his leadership of all the gods and therefore has hidden them away. Thanks to some quick thinking by their mother, Zeus is the one God who was not trapped in this prison, and, with his help, a battle ensues that allows his brothers and the others their freedom from Cronus and their return to Mount Olympus.

As time passes the three brothers are able to destroy Cronus once and for all. As Zeus is given the ultimate control of the land and the skies and Hades is given control of the dead and the underworld, Poseidon is granted the seas of the world as his domain. While Poseidon feels completely disregarded by his brother Zeus, he takes to the seas and, after a time, heads out on a quest to see what else is available besides his undersea realm.

While Poseidon travels far and wide meeting many new friends over time who want to help him live a happier life without the feelings of resentment he has held for so long. As Cleito and her parents welcome Poseidon to their home he is in for more of an adventure than he ever anticipated. Joined by Kyrie, an otherworld being, and Lucas, a mystical guide who feels that only love will shape the universe, this group seeks to find a new way to live in peace. Along the way, Poseidon learns about genetic engineering and human hybrids which causes him to have to dig deep into his own beliefs to decide what is right. As they all learn and change, they create Atlantis and, unfortunately, meet up with a god from Poseidon’s own past who has changed her own way of thinking and wants to control everything in the universe. Will Poseidon and his new friends be able to end this evil that is threatening their new world?

“Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure” is a very well-written story that gives the reader a glimpse into the world of the gods where they do not actually stay in their own spaces but venture out to find something new and better. The writing is excellent and very descriptive so that the reader gets a true glimpse into these mythical worlds. The story is filled with action that keeps it moving along at a great pace, so the reader is never bored with the plot or the characters, who are all well-developed and interesting.

I would recommend Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure: The Human Hybrid Experimentto anyone out there who enjoys a well-paced and interesting story as well as to everyone who enjoys immersing themselves in the world of the gods and mythology. I, for one, cannot wait to see what happens next in the series. It should be a very interesting ride.

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