Pony Scouts: Pony Crazy (I Can Read Book 2) By Catherine Hapka

Pony Scouts: Pony Crazy (I Can Read Book 2) By Catherine Hapka 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Pony Scouts: Pony Crazy (I Can Read Book 2)
Catherine Hapka
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780061255359
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (05/10)

Meg loves everything to do with horses and ponies! Her family moves from the city to the country where Meg meets Jill. Jill’s mom has horses and Meg is invited over for a play date when the girls shared love for horses is found in common. Jill’s friend Annie comes too! The girls discover that they all enjoy ponies and form a friendship off their shared interest. They learn and discover all about horses and enjoy playing with each other.

Madison: “I love horses too! I love it! ‘Pony Scouts: Pony Crazy’ is about a little girl who got to play with ponies. She lived in the city and then she moved to the farm. She made friends, they played with ponies.

Mom: Madison and I really enjoyed this adorable book. I loved that it showed kindness and friendship through shared enjoyments. The illustrations were wonderful, and Madison really enjoyed the story line along with the pictures. She was also able to understand making friends and playing together and sharing. This was a very cute book. I would recommend “Pony Scouts: Pony Crazy” for anyone who has a daughter or a horse lover that is learning to read, or able to read.


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