“Polygonsters” by Cindy Helms

“Polygonsters” by Cindy Helms 493 500 Reader Views Kids


Cindy Helms
Set Free Publishing (2017)
ISBN 9780996339735
Reviewed by Russ Cramer (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (9/17)

2018 Final“Polygonsters” by Cindy Helms was about these monsters who were rough at the library, and ate all the peoples’ food at the tea house and were leaving and the good guys gave their snacks to the Polygonsters and the Polygonsters left.

The little birds throughout the story said the Polygonsters were coming and they became good guys and they ate cookies with the Polygonsters.

This book was all about taking other people’s stuff. At the end of the story, the people in the town started to share their stuff with the Polygonsters. The Polygonsters didn’t really seem like bad guys after all.

This book was awesome because I liked it when all the people shared their food with the Polygonsters. I like it when people are nice to me too. It’s not good when people are mean to you. I loved it so much. I could never ever stop having my dad read it to me.

I didn’t like that all the people said the Polygonsters were mean.  I was happy, though, when the people shared their food with the Polygonsters. I like when people share their food with me.

I think the artwork was good. I’ve never painted something like that, but the sky should be blue, not white.

I recommend “Polygonsters” by Cindy Helms to other kids because I love other kids and they will love it too. God loves them too.

A Note from Dad:

Russ really seemed to enjoy this book. His main focus was on how the people in the town all wanted to be mean like they thought the Polygonsters were. He said the biggest lesson he learned in the book was that it is important to share our stuff with others—to show them love.

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