“Poetic Science of Water” by A.C. Lemonwood

“Poetic Science of Water” by A.C. Lemonwood 400 500 Reader Views Kids

Poetic Science of Water
A.C. Lemonwood
Jumbo Minds (2019)
ISBN 9781944049201
Reviewed by Lydia (6) for Reader Views Kids (1/2020)

“Poetic Science of Water” by A.C. Lemonwood is a children’s book all about water. The book teaches the reader things about water that has to do with biology, earth science, chemistry, and environmental science.

First, you learn about earth science and how rain falls onto earth and can break apart the ground. Once water is on the ground, it then gets evaporated by the sun back into the sky. When it goes into the sky it turns from a liquid to a gas, then when it gets high enough in the sky it turns back into a liquid and into a cloud. Then when it’s ready, it falls back onto the earth and keeps doing this over and over again.

Then you start learning about physics and the states of matter that water can be. It can be a solid when it is ice or snow, and a liquid when it is drinking water, and a gas when it gets heated up. Also, when the water is in each of these stages, the atoms in the water are either tight together or spread apart.

In the next part, you learn about chemistry, and how water has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Atoms are really tiny and can only be seen with a microscope. When the atoms come together, they look like Mickey Mouse! Then you learn about other molecules and how they are charged either positive or negative. Last, you learn some biology and how water is what keeps everything on earth alive, and we should keep it clean for other people and animals to enjoy!

I liked this book and how it talks a lot about water. Before my mom read this to me, I just watched a cartoon where they explained the water cycle! This probably helped me understand the book better, but the way that the author wrote the book made it pretty easy to understand. The only tough part was when the book talked about molecules and its charges – I didn’t really understand that part too well, but I might when I get a little older. I liked seeing the pictures, because they helped to kind of understand what the words were saying. I am in kindergarten, but I think maybe a first grader might understand all of it better.

A Note from Mom: I enjoyed reading this to Lydia, because it’s educational and enjoyable. The material will be able to be used for years to come, especially as she’s able to understand more each year, or probably even every couple months. I feel that the author did an excellent job of making a children’s book not too scientific, but at the same time incorporating aspects of five different areas of science for younger readers. Like Lydia said, “Poetic Science of Water” might not be completely understandable to a kindergartener, but what she referred to was chemistry, and that’s kind of a foreign science to many people anyways. ?

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