Laura Henderson
1105 West House (2017)
ISBN 9780997617221
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 10) for Reader Views (2/18)

“Pirates Attack: A Knookerdoodle Adventure” by Laura Henderson is a great story full of excitement for kids of all ages.

It was almost time for the fair that was every Fall in the town of Strathy Hall. It was a big event full of games, contests, food and much more. Peanut and his best friend Tennyson are excited and planning to go and be part of the costume contest.  Of course, they chose to be pirates and are hoping to be the only pirates so they can win.

That day of the fair came as one regular morning. Peanut woke up thinking of his dream with Applesauce, a pirate who rescued Peanut once when he got lost searching for treasures. Applesauce gave him a golden medallion that he hides under his pillow. Since then Peanut can’t stop thinking of anything else but Pirates and the magical ball that he gave to his sister Belle that later got lost too.

Meet Belle, Goldilocks, Baby Buttercup, and Tennyson and enjoy with them this wonderful story full of adventure. As well as many others like Victoria, Wendy Whimbleton and Chubby Chipmunk. Discover who won the contest and if they were the only pirates at the fair? Find out who else got lost and if Peanut found the wishing magic ball? Were they the only ones who knew about the magic ball?

What I most like about this story is how the Knookerdoodle’s always take care of each other and no matter what, they are friends and family, and how kindness always wins. It is a fun book that you read and can’t leave it alone.  At the end of each chapter the story leaves you hanging and wanting to read the next one. I really liked the font and the illustrations.

I recommend “Pirates Attack: A Knookerdoodle Adventure” by Laura Henderson because it is full of fun, action, and is very entertaining. I can’t wait to read the third one.  This is definitely a great book.

A note from mom:

A very enchanting story that will keep you always entertained. Paola and I both enjoyed it very much.

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