Pinkalicious: School Rules! (I Can Read Book 1) By Victoria Kann

Pinkalicious: School Rules! (I Can Read Book 1) By Victoria Kann 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Pinkalicious: School Rules! (I Can Read Book 1)
Victoria Kann
HarperFestival (2010)
ISBN 9780061928857
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (08/10)

Pinkalicious is off to school. School is not the same without her imaginary unicorn Goldilicious. Pinkalicious decides to bring Goldie to school with her, except unicorns are not allowed in school! When Goldie takes a bite of the teachers’ apple, Pinkalicious confesses her presence at school. Mr. Pushkin tells Pinkalicous that Goldie is not allowed at school. When she becomes upset Mr. Pushkin lets Goldie stay for one day only, as long as she teaches Goldie the rules. Spending the day together makes Pinkalicious realize just how much school rules!


“Pinkalicious is at school with Mr. Pushkin (she pronounced this name differently, it was cute to hear). She misses her unicorn Goldialicious. The next day she woke up then decided to bring her unicorn to school. Mr. Pushkin said ‘No unicorns allowed at school,’ when the unicorn ate his apple. Pinkalicous cried and cried until he said ‘okay, just this once.’ Then she wasn’t crying; she taught unicorn school rules. She has lots of friends. They got in line. Her unicorn didn’t push, wiggle or sneeze. Mr. Pushkin stared at all the kids and the unicorn. They played ring around the Rosie. School Rules! The end.”

“I love, love, love, love it! The best thing was it was so fun. It’s so much fun and that’s why I love it. I’m going to keep it.”


This newest Pinkalicious book is cute. I didn’t find it to be a favorite for me. I felt the book gives kids the impression that if you cry long or hard enough, you will get what you want. This primarily happened because the book doesn’t do a great job at making kids aware the unicorn is imaginary. It tries, but I don’t feel Madison understood the unicorn was an imaginary friend. She kept calling it a horse at first. She doesn’t see why a unicorn doesn’t really exist. The story is cute and reads at a great level for beginners. Madison was able to easily remember some of the words on the pages after a couple reads. The sentences are short and simple, mean while getting the story across. I loved the illustrations. They put forth the most effort in showing that Goldie was imaginary. I liked that “Pinkalicious: School Rules!” was able to give kids an overall good impression of school.


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