“Picture the Alphabet” by Cathy Witbeck

“Picture the Alphabet” by Cathy Witbeck 791 1024 Reader Views Kids

Picture the Alphabet

Cathy Witbeck
Calico Barn (2023)
ISBN: 978-1732262669
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (10/2023)

In “Picture the Alphabet: An Alphabet Look and Find Book” by Cathy Witbeck, children are presented with the opportunity to learn the alphabet by looking at two pictures for each letter of the alphabet. One page is an illustrated picture scene which has different objects in the scene starting with that letter. Plus, there are three hidden objects to find with that same letter on the following page.

I love that the author came up with such a fun, interactive, and unique idea to engage younger children to learn the alphabet. In presenting these fun scenes, not only do the details of the page catch the reader’s eye, but it’s also pure fun to try and find the hidden objects on each page. The illustrations are colorful and will definitely encourage your child to take in the fun scenes the author has created for them to enjoy. Plus, a fun fact I learned is that the author not only wrote the verses in her book, but she is also the illustrator as well.

As they read, the children search for all the hidden objects throughout the book. Ms. Witbeck provides a key page at the end of the book which shows all the pictures she intends the reader to find. This comes in handy for a few objects that are well hidden. As an adult, I even had to take my time trying to find some of the hidden objects that were well disguised in the picture.

Another fun page the author has included is titled, “In Case You Were Wondering.” On this page, the author lists unusual words children may not know such as Numbat – which I learned is a small marsupial with a long sticky tongue used for eating termites. Another one is Xantus – which is a midsized hummingbird with an iridescent green throat. Then there is Xerus – which is a ground squirrel from Africa that looks like a prairie dog. As an adult, it was fun learning these new things.

“Picture The Alphabet” is geared toward preschoolers and early readers (3-6-year-olds), but as an adult, I enjoyed looking at the fun illustrations, and I especially enjoyed trying to find the hidden objects on each alphabet page. I feel this would make a great book to help younger children learn the alphabet while they’re having fun. In addition, I feel this is a fun book to have on hand to spend quality time with your younger child. “Picture the Alphabet: An Alphabet Look and Find Book” by Cathy Witbeck would make a great book to have in the classroom as well. I absolutely adored working through this book, and I highly recommend it for younger readers! Well done, Ms. Witbeck!

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