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join forces to bring picture book authors a special offer:

The Picture Book Double Whammy Review & Publicity Package*

*Available for Preschool to Early Reader Picture Books Only

What’s in the Package?

Two Reviews!

The first review will be done by one of our Reader Views Kids Reviewers. Our young reviewers are asked to give their honest opinion and we can assure you – they do! Our team of reviewers take reading and reviewing books seriously.

The second review will be done by one of our Managing Editors, Sheri Hoyte.  Sheri is working on her own picture books and started an independent blog in early 2019 dedicated to helping Indie picture book authors spread the word about their books. You can check out her blog here:

Online Publicity and News

Reviews will receive online publicity features and postings on: and

Social Media Exposure

Reviews will be featured on all of the social media sites for Reader Views Kids and Sheri Hoyte Books. Be sure to follow our social media pages so you can share our posts for maximum exposure!


Book will receive a 1/4 page ad in the First Chapter Plus eMagazine: Our eMagazine introduces books to Libraries, Bookstores, Media, Reviewers, Bloggers and Readers – First Chapter Plus publishes and distributes a monthly e-catalog, which includes the First Chapters of print and digital books, and mp3 clips of audio books.

Author Interview

Receive a written interview with Reader Views Kids to talk about your book and upcoming projects. Interview will receive all the same publicity features as the review listed above.

The Details…

Here’s the complete list of features offered in the Picture Book Review & Publicity Package:

Book Reviews posted on the Reader Views Kids websites and Sheri Hoyte Books websites.

Top-billing as one of the “Featured Books of the Week” on for a minimum of one week.

Featured on the front page of for a minimum of one week.

Spotlight Feature in the Reader Views Newsletter.

Promotion of book review on social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Book review posted on the Readerviews Goodreads page and the page. Review will also be posted on Barnes & Noble if your book is listed there.

Written Interview with Reader Views Kids. Includes the same features and spotlights as the book review.

1/4 page ad for one month in an issue of the First Chapter Plus eCatalog.

So…what are you waiting for?

We’ve taken the best features and areas of expertise from both companies and developed an amazing publicity campaign for independent picture book authors!

This entire package is available for only

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Reader Views Kids

Reader Views Kids launched at the end of 2007 as part of Reader Views to fill a need of having children’s books reviewed by kids instead of adults. Reader Views Kids consists of a group of kids ranging from 3-18 years of age.

The mission of these bookworms is to read and give their honest opinion on age-appropriate books. Recommended guidelines are followed to make sure their reviews cover the book as a product, however, their voices and opinions are honest and genuine. The younger kids do the reviews with help of their parents, the older ones are seasoned readers in their own right and write their own reviews.

Sheri Hoyte Books

Sheri Hoyte is a writer and emerging picture book author. Reading and writing have been a large part of her life since early childhood. Writing a book of ABC’s as an elementary school project set the course for her future, though it would take decades to realize. As a child, she always had a book in her hand and a pile of books waiting to be read.  Not much has changed.

She worked in the corporate world for over thirty years, honing her business and professional writing skills until 2012, when her passion for stories called her home to Book by Book Publicity working her way up from reviewer to Partner and Managing Editor.

Sheri is working on her own picture books and started an independent blog in early 2019 dedicated to helping Indie picture book authors spread the word about their books.

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