“Pickleball Pete: A Tale of Good Sportsmanship” by Pamela R. Lott

“Pickleball Pete: A Tale of Good Sportsmanship” by Pamela R. Lott 791 1024 Reader Views Kids

Pickleball Pete: A Tale of Good Sportsmanship

Pamela R. Lott
Archway Publishing (2023)
ISBN: 978-1665749497
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (02/2024)

In 2023, Pickleball was deemed America’s fastest-growing sport, with no sign of slowing down; some sources say there are 36.5 million players in the United States alone! As with any sport, the players come from different walks of life and showcase differing opinions and personalities toward and during the game. “Pickleball Pete: A Tale of Good Sportsmanship” by Pamela R. Lott displays various types of athletes (applicable to any sport), how to play the game, and ways of handling “big” personalities and opinions calmly and productively.  

Pickleball Pete (PP) loves playing his sport for all the reasons imaginable. PP joins fellow athletes Dexter the Dog (competitive, aggressive), Karina the Kangaroo (social, laid-back), and Betty the Bear (newby, exploring an interest) in a friendly game on the court. PP and his friends learn to navigate the rules of the game and the differing personalities and priorities of each player to maintain a positive experience for everyone. By the end, the teammates learn the importance of good sportsmanship to allow everyone an enjoyable experience.

“Pickleball Pete” is entertaining and informative for all readers – areas of the court, scoring, and rules are explained in layman’s terms for readers of all abilities to understand and feel confident. The characters touch on many of the “extremes” with players, and PP does well explaining how to handle what might come up while staying true to yourself. The storyline is anything but dull, and the illustrations are inviting. With the amount of violence and ill feelings exhibited by people around us daily, understanding ways to control irritability and anger while remaining calm and positive will assist everyone involved.

In a manner, “Pickleball Pete” performs the dual duty of teaching readers about the game and strategies for handling mental health (using coping skills, regulating emotions through communication, etc.). One detail not as well known in the game is that rule changes may occur as often as mid-season when deemed necessary or more beneficial to the game – that said, the rules in “Pickleball Pete” are foundational, a helpful start for beginners and a beneficial refresher for seasoned players. With a family member on the verge of being obsessed with the game, he agreed with the information given and found a new way to assess players based on the four main characters (think of online quizzes that match you with characters from a film or show; Golden Girls, Harry Potter, etc.). “Pickleball Pete” by Pamela R. Lott is a worthwhile and enjoyable read for a varied audience to meet their needs; both known and unknown. 

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