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Updated 9/27/2023


An Alphabet in Space, R.M. Smith, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Being Zelda, Russell Irving, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
Bo the Bear and the Forest Fruit Dash, Chetan Rao,(EBOOK)(08/2023)
Boo-Boo the Shih Tzu- Boo Boo No, Michelle Blanshei, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
Buttercup, the Butterfly That Would Not Fly, Julia Chadwick, (EBOOK)(08/2023)
Colton the Corgi, Erin Stucker, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
I Love You As Much And More Than This, RM Rozman, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
I Love You More Than Cereal: Maeva and Dad Redefine Love, Justin & Alexis Black, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Lily and the Talking Starfish, Sara McCormick, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
Little Aiden – A Feelings Book for Toddlers, Albert Choi, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
Little Aiden – A Love Book for Toddlers, Albert Choi, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
My Magic Mirror, Anushka Bhattacharjee, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
Off to School in My Wheelie Chair, Charlene McIver, (08/2023)
Phonics, Arushi Bhattacharjee, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
Raining Fish and Frogs, Lois Wickstrom, (10/2023)
Queen Vernita Meets the Wandering Buffalo, Dr. Dawn Menge and Virginia Rhoades, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Robin Walks… to see the cars, Claire Boosey, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
The Adventurous Kids, Arushi Bhattacharjee, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
The Child and the Tree, Nohra Bernal (EBOOK) (04/2023)
The Elephant Dreamer, Mary Lynn Hamzo, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
The Messy Kids, Lois Wickstrom, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
The Monsterific Friends, Leslie Tommy, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
The Sparkly Bun, Keith Stoeckeler, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
The Sun, Our RockSTAR!, Anushka Bhattacharjee, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
The Support Staff at Your School, Andrew C. Kirkpatrick, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
The Very Different Witch, Jill Danis, (EBOOK)(08/2023)
T-Rex Trouble!!!, Arushi Bhattacharjee, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
The World Needs You, Imani Lewis, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
The Puppy Adventures of Porter and Midge: Out and About, Jennie Chen and Giselle Nevada, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
What’s in a Cloud? William Palumbo, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
You Stole My Name, Dennis McGregor, (EBOOK)(04/2023)


Aboard the Timeline, Bastin Gregory, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
A Chance to Love, Jestina Hodge-Pais, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
Black Hole Radio – Labyrinthia, Ann Birdgenaw, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Dyami and the Gobi Crystal: An Allegory and Fantasy Adventure, MM Hoshaw, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Don’t Play the Game, Wes Mogenson,(EBOOK)(04/2023)
Naomi Nash: Saving Snakes. Jessica Lee Anderson, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Sign Language for Kids Activity Book, Tony R. Smith, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Someone for Sasquatch, Jeanne Moran, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
The Book of Legends: Amazing, Scary & Entertaining Stories for Kids of All Ages, John King Keller, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
The Chronicle Gate: Vol. 1 Ethereal, N.Lang, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
The First Unicorn, Kathleen J. Shields, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
The Home Wind, Terri Martin, (10/2023)
The Secret Map of the Fairy Kingdom, Yevhen Kalenichenko, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
The Streets of Newtowne: A Story of Cambridge, MA, Suzanne Preston Blier, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
The Wishing Tree, Anushka Bhattacharjee, (EBOOK)(05/2023)
UNLEASHING THE HERO WITHIN volume 1, Lillian M. Taylor, (EBOOK)(04/2023)

TEEN – AGES 12 – 15

Dragons Walk Among Us, Dan Rice, (EBOOKS)(04/2023)
Five Years and Counting, Sadman Zuhayer, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Gemja, Kim Messina, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Iora and the Realm of Legends, Arefa Tehsin, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
Mentors and Tormentors, Tim Jones, MD., (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Princess Brr-Rainy, Stephen Games, (10/2023)
Rebels of Halklyen, Paula Baker & Aidan Davies, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
Shiny Friends Super Squad #1: Starr of the Show, Leigh Reagan Alley, (EBOOK)(09/2023)
Stone Soup, E.B. Mann, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
The Broke Town Bums, Tim Duhig (EBOOK)(08/2023)
The Confession of Hemingway Jones, Kathleen Hannon, (EBOOK)(07/2023)
The Death and Resurrection of Baseball, William R. Douglas, (10/2023)
The Mystic Menace, Stephanie Kim Pascaru (EBOOK)(04/2023)
The Silver Prison, Peter Shokeir (EBOOK)(04/2023)
The Trillium Girl, Roderick Saxey, (EBOOK)(06/2023)
The Unsuper Adventures of Norma, Mark Svartz, (EBOOK)(06/2023)


All Our Faults, Charlotte Brough, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Flames of Eader, Carina Steinbakk, (10/2023)
Lapse, Alex Rodriguez, (EBOOK)(04/2023)
Rilloon: Dark Passage, Justin Grimmett, (10/2023)
The Big Lie, Aviva V. Brueckner, (EBOOK)(08/2023)