“Peepers’s Remarkable Journey” by Tom Handel

“Peepers’s Remarkable Journey” by Tom Handel 1024 1024 Reader Views Kids

Peepers’s Remarkable Journey

Tom Handel
Halo Publishing International (2024)
ISBN: 978-1637655573
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (05/2024)

One day while children are playing in the nearby park playground, a little lost duckling hears children’s jovial voices and waddles slowly over to them in, “Peepers’s Remarkable Journey: A Duckling’s Tale” by Tom Handel. The little duckling sees Violet, a young girl who is chasing butterflies, and when Violet lays eyes on this little yellow-and-brown duckling who looks lost, she can’t help but want to make sure the duckling is safe. She runs to tell her mother and they decide that bringing the duckling to the nearest wildlife preserve is the best course of action. Before doing so, Violet names the adorable duckling Peepers. The preserve gladly accepts Peepers, and this now is her new safe home.

While at the preserve, Peepers sees animals of all shapes, sizes, and colors, but none of the animals look like her. Off in the near distance, she sees two animals and decides to go introduce herself. She wants to start fitting in and making friends, and these two animals look like the perfect two to do that. Immediately Judy, a potbellied pig, and Tank, a tortoise, accept Peepers and the three of them become fast friends. Do they help Peepers fit into her new home? Does Peepers ever find her family again?

I really enjoyed this adorable children’s story and felt that the author did a remarkable job in making Peepers grow as the readers turn the pages. He allowed Peepers to make friends with animals of all shapes, sizes, and breeds and I feel this will instill in children that it’s perfectly fine to have friends who might look different than you. Being different makes everyone unique and children will see how the animals in this story were all different from one another but got along exceptionally well with each other. I believe this story will allow children to be open to the idea that it’s perfectly fine to have friends who are different from you.

The illustrations provided by Gaby Martinez Huesca were exceptionally done. Each one looked like a mini forest landscape portrait, created on every page for the readers to enjoy. They were the perfect accompaniment to tell this story and readers will enjoy looking at the animals and forest scenes as they turn the pages.

I found it interesting that the author, after retiring from a successful forty-year career in business,  decided to volunteer his time at a local wildlife sanctuary. It was at this very sanctuary that he received the inspiration to write Peepers’s story. I’m so glad he did, and I feel readers will agree with my sentiment.

Overall, I found Tom Handel’s “Peepers’s Remarkable Journey” one in which children will fall in love with the characters and storyline equally. It has been rated for ages Baby through 6 years, and I believe this is the perfect age range for parents, guardians, teachers, and librarians to go by when adding this book to their home or school library. Well done, Mr. Handel! 

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