Paddington Bear All Day by Michael Bond

Paddington Bear All Day by Michael Bond 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Michael Bond
HarperFestival  (2014)
ISBN 9780062317216
Reviewed by Serenity Summers (age 2), Eliana Summers (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (11/14)

“Paddington Bear All Day” by Michael Bond is a fun, durable board book for ages 4 through 8. Paddington Bear is on an adventure again, as the reader tags along with Paddington on his morning routine. Paddington has a busy day planned, with getting himself dressed and having tea and toast for breakfast. Then before you know it, he is ready for a lunch of tea and marmalade.

The girls thought it was hilarious how much a little bear could eat and loved all the funny pictures that went along with the story. The book is easy to hold for little hands, and each page is full of wonderful pictures and colors. We enjoyed reading about Paddington Bear and his daily adventure and before you know it, the moon was out and it was time for bed.

We would recommend “Paddington Bear All Day” by Michael Bond for the fun loving story of a well-known bear, plus the book itself is super durable and cute.

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