“Our Lives in Between” by Billie Kowalewski”

“Our Lives in Between” by Billie Kowalewski” 695 1024 Reader Views Kids

Our Lives in Between 

Billie Kowalewski
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: 979-8218238520
Reviewed by Stephanie Elizabeth Long for Reader Views (09/2023)

Veronica’s life took a difficult turn when a terrible accident five years ago left her gutted by the grief of her boyfriend’s death and struggling with mysterious physical ailments. But what Veronica cannot remember is that she is actually Harmony, a soul who has lived several other lives before becoming Veronica. She has no memory of the barrier or that she keeps dying before her time in every life.

Harmony has a hunch that if she can pull information through the barrier, the proverbial space between her life and her memories as Harmony, it will aid her in long and prosperous lives on Earth. The problem is that she and one of the other students, Kaleb, are like magnets, drawn together in each life. But, in every life, Kaleb’s presence inevitably causes her demise, wounding her soul and ruining her progress. Harmony must determine how to circumnavigate death and how Veronica fits into all of this before it’s too late.

“Our Lives in Between” is book one in The Enlightened Series by Billie Kowalewski. It is a young adult novel brimming with fantasy and love, and it excels at world-building. While some of the ideas were complex, the author successfully created coherent and age-appropriate content for readers. Despite the unconventional premise, the classic themes of identity, love, and friendship sprang off the pages of this coming-of-age story.

The romance in this book swept me off my feet; I embraced the author’s idea of soulmates being drawn to one another in various lives. We’re all desperate to find that love that knows no bounds. Could you imagine anything more idyllic than your true love finding you in every reality, no matter the vessel you’re in? Upon every trip to Earth Harmony took, I couldn’t wait to uncover how her and Kaleb’s lives would intertwine. I could easily envision the couple’s love story being adapted for the big screen; to me, it is reminiscent of the epic love story of Edward and Bella in the Twilight series.

The conversational tone of the book worked well. Because some concepts could be difficult to grasp, Harmony would speak directly to the reader to fill in the blanks. How did the souls feel? What motivated them? What was the purpose of the barrier? All of my questions were answered thanks to the author applying this clever tactic, and it didn’t take away from the story whatsoever.

“Our Lives in Between” by Billie Kowalewski captured my interest from beginning to end—the author crafted a thought-provoking story with a unique premise. Readers looking for an immersive young adult series will undoubtedly be charmed by Harmony and Kaleb’s love saga. I can’t wait for the second installment of The Enlightened series!

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