“Operation Tenley” by Jennifer Gooch Hummer

“Operation Tenley” by Jennifer Gooch Hummer 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Jennifer Gooch Hummer
Month9Books, LLC (2016)
ISBN 9781942664994
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 14) for Reader Views (11/2016)

“Operation Tenley” by Jennifer Gooch Hummer is about Pennie and her human charge, Tenley Tylwyth. Tenley Tylwyth was born an elemental with the extraordinary ability to control the weather. Unfortunately, people who manipulate the weather are not particularly popular with the very real, very scary, Mother Nature. Pennie is a Fair One, a descendant of fairies who rely on technology instead of wings, and it is her job to protect Tenley against the wrath of Mother Nature. However, when it is discovered that Pennie failed to report the full extent of Tenley’s abilities she is given a mere 48 hours in which to convince Tenley to delete her powers. Read and discover all of the unexpected problems that Pennie will encounter on Earth- the most formidable of which is gravity!

My favorite character was Laraby, a Fair One obsessed with knowing all of the many rules that affect the Fair Ones. His expertise came in handy in many instances during Pennie and Tenley’s journey, foiling the many attempts to sabotage Pennie’s quest. This book took a very interesting approach to Mother Nature; instead of an idea, Mother Nature was an actual creature that played an important role in the plot. This made the book very original and interesting to read.

I would recommend “Operation Tenley” by Jennifer Gooch Hummer to people who like magic and adventure. The characters were all fun though at some points they acted in strange ways that made them unbelievable and hard to relate. I found the plot could be hard to follow at some points, especially the conclusion, but found it to be unique, engaging, and an overall enjoyable read. I give this book a 4-star rating!

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