“One Shot” by Andrew K. Harbis

“One Shot” by Andrew K. Harbis 672 1024 Reader Views Kids

One Shot

Andrew K Harbis
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: 979-8869953001
Reviewed by Kassia Scotti for Reader Views (02/2024)

Andrew K Harbis’ “One Shot” is a Western story about the former Chief of a town called Moonsong, his daughter and her unlikely friend, and a mysterious sharpshooter. Travis is desperate to save his ranch. Aiden is a thief desperate to save his sick mother. Laura is desperate to escape her stifling small home on the ranch and return to the place she was born. While chasing a criminal named One Shot for a fifteen thousand dollar reward, these characters uncover secrets and are taken on separate journeys they never would’ve expected.

This story had me from page one. The opening captured my attention and got straight to the action. I couldn’t stop reading once I’d started. The tensions were high right off the bat. I love a good mystery, and the Western aspect of it created a great setting and high-stakes circumstances. The imagery is fantastic. Every sentence paints the most vivid picture and plays on all the senses.

While this story does have a lot of action, it also has a lot of heart. It’s exciting and dangerous, while also dramatic and heartbreaking. It’s so very human, especially the strong motives that drive these characters and the way they develop and grow throughout the story. Travis started out wanting to save the ranch, but he also seemed to be chasing a sort of nostalgic high. By the end, all he cared about was saving Laura and getting back to his family. Aiden’s quest to save his mother and the lengths he was willing to go through pulled at my heartstrings.

The relationships within the story were my favorite part. I went in expecting to be the most invested in uncovering One Shot’s identity, but I walked away feeling the most impacted by the characters themselves: Travis and Laura and their need to protect each other, Laura and her mother reconciling, Aiden and Laura protecting each other, Aiden doing everything he could to save his mother. The death of one of the characters was such a bold choice, but it really tied into everything these characters went through.

Although there were a lot of characters in “One Shot” by Andrew K. Harbis, I was able to keep up and see how every single one played their part in the bigger story leading up to the finale. Every character earned their place, and I loved getting to know them in this wild tale.

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