“One Halloween Night” by Ada Letelier

“One Halloween Night” by Ada Letelier 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Ada Letelier
Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC (2017)
ISBN 9781681817323
Reviewed by Russ Cramer (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (02/18)

“One Halloween Night” by Ada Letelier was about a Jack-O-Lantern sitting on a window sill, eating an apple pie. Some trick-or-treaters walked passed him and saw an apple pie beside him. The kids get lots of candy. They also thought there was a haunted house, a skeleton band, and ghosts who came by them. Later, the Jack-O-Lantern eats the pie! The Jack-O-Lantern was smiling from ear to ear!

I really liked that the book had kids in spooky costumes because I like spooky things. I like spiders that crawl down from the ceiling and spook me out, too. I also liked the goblins, vampires, clowns, and ghosts. I also liked the name “One Halloween Night” because the way it was written was creepy (with the swirly “g”). I did not like the part where there were spiders crawling on the house, though I liked the treats.

I thought the artist had a lot of talent in coloring the pictures. I recommend “One Halloween Night” by Ada Letelier to other kids because I think they might like it.  It’s special to me and I would like to donate it to other kids to help them learn things about this book.

Parent’s Note

Russ really enjoyed this book. We’ve read it a few times before reviewing it and when we sat down to review it, I read it and then Russ read it to me as well (of his own free will!). He’s just learning to read, so it was a very cool experience to hear him read it out loud to me. The words are very easy for kids to read, though there are some words that are slightly more difficult (like “surprise”), but he just asked for help and he was fine. All in all, it’s a fun story for kids.

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