Once Dead, Twice Shy: A Novel (Madison Avery, Book 1) By Kim Harrison

Once Dead, Twice Shy: A Novel (Madison Avery, Book 1) By Kim Harrison 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Once Dead, Twice Shy: A Novel (Madison Avery, Book 1)
Kim Harrison
HarperCollins (2009)
ISBN 9780061718168
Reviewed by Avni Gupta (age 17) for Reader Views (10/10)

When I received “Once Dead, Twice Shy” by Kim Harrison, I was a little apprehensive about reading it. All of the other books that I had read that were about angels were a little weird, and I was slightly scared that this one was going to be like all of the others. I could not have been more wrong! This book was full of twists and turns that made me want to keep on reading! It was almost impossible for me to put this book down!

This book starts out with Madison Avery telling us that everyone dies. Then she goes on to tell us that she, herself, is dead at the age of 17, but at the same time isn’t dead because she has the amulet of the “dark” angel who “killed” her. Since she is in the possession of this amulet, she has stayed alive, but not alive at the same time. Now, with her guardian angel, she must figure out whose amulet she has, and why she, as an ordinary 17-year-old girl, was able to get that amulet from whoever killed her, all before the person comes to get their amulet back!

Although this summary seems a little confusing at first, “Once Dead, Twice Shy” was completely wonderful! I loved the color scheme of the cover. The grays and pinks and purples all make Madison’s character stand out. Through reading the book, you see that she is not really a pink or a purple kind of girl, but by making the cover both gray and pink and purple, Kim Harrison makes it so that we, as readers see the differences between Madison and a normal 17-year-old girl. Another thing that I liked was how dynamic the author made these characters. They changed throughout the novel, learning more and more things about themselves and human kind in general.


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