“Oldenglen” by Robin Mason and Michael Mason

“Oldenglen” by Robin Mason and Michael Mason 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Robin Mason and Michael Mason
Tricklewood Press(2015)
ISBN 9780994837103
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 13) for Reader Views (12/15)

“Oldenglen” by Robin Mason and Michael Mason is about twelve-year-old Jackson, who is forced to move from his city life in England to Oldenglen, part of the outback country of Oregon. Although Jackson is initially unhappy with the prospect of living in a small, run down house, with no other children to play with, the more he explores Oldenglen the more he comes to love the place, leading him to the great secret of the glen. On one of the Jackson’s many expeditions into Oldenglen, he discovers a clearing with a lone rock in the center. Suddenly pulled by some unexplainable force, Jackson touches the stone and is granted the ability to speak with animals. From the animals, Jackson learns that the forest he has come to love is in great danger from the Farley Homes development company. Will Jackson and the Farley’s granddaughter, Sarah be able to protect the forest they both love, or will it become just another bunch of houses?

The characters in the story are well developed with distinct and lovable personalities that made for a very enjoyable read. My favorite character was Sarah, with her drive and determination to succeed, determination that became an inspiration to both Jackson and the animals.

I would recommend “Oldenglen” by Robin Mason and Michael Mason to people who like nature and fiction. This book was a great read that I could not put down until I had finished it. “Oldenglen” also came with an important message, that no amount of money is worth the destruction of a forest that millions have come to call home.

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