OinkAndGobbleOink and Gobble and the No One Can Ever Know Secret

Norman Whaler
Beneath Another Sky Books (2018)
ISBN 9781948131209
Reviewed by Harper (age 6) for Reader Views Kids

“Oink and Gobble and the No One Can Ever Know Secret” by Norman Whaler is a story about two farm animals, a pig and a turkey. The pig is Oink and the turkey is Gobble and they are best friends.  One day when Girl was following Oink around, he got scared and ran to Gobble and told him the secret was out! The girl chased Oink and Gobble all around the farm until they got too tired to run.

What I liked most about this story is that Oink and Gobble were best friends no matter what. I loved, loved, loved all the pictures of all the animals, but my favorite was Gobble because he had big round eyes that made him always look funny.

What I didn’t like was that all the animals made fun of Oink all the time. They were mean to him by laughing at him and I think it hurt his feelings. But I liked how he found a new friend that wouldn’t laugh at him.

I think “Oink and Gobble and the No One Can Ever Know Secret” by Norman Whaler is a fun book to read for boys and girls but mostly boys will like it because Oink and Gobble are boys.

A note from mom:

While Harper seemed to really enjoy this book, especially the pictures of Gobble and Oink, as a parent, I was concerned with the part of the storyline that encourages keeping secrets, and feel like it sends a message opposite to what I want to impress upon him as acceptable behavior.  Though the “secret” itself was innocent enough, it still presented as a questionable action.

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