Oh, Daddy! By Bob Shea

Oh, Daddy! By Bob Shea 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Oh, Daddy!
Bob Shea
Blazer + Bray (2010)
ISBN 9780061730801
Reviewed by Max Aures (age 3-½) and Mom for Reader Views (06/10)

“Oh, Daddy!” is a funny book showing just how silly daddies can be!

Max: “I liked when the daddy couldn’t get dressed! He had underwear on his head and a bucket on his foot and a flower in a pot on his head. His kid had to show him the right way because he didn’t know how! It was funny when they sprayed each other with water. I spray daddy with the hose sometimes. That is a lot of fun!”

Parent’s comments:

We thought “Oh, Daddy!” was a very entertaining book! My son laughs out loud at the silliness every single time that we read it! He especially loves the new saying that he learned from the book: “Easy peasy, mac and cheesy!”


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