“Oak Street Treehouse: The Day They Messaged God” by Dick Daniels

“Oak Street Treehouse: The Day They Messaged God” by Dick Daniels 757 1024 Reader Views Kids

Oak Street Treehouse: The Day They Messaged God
Dick Daniels
Independently Published (2018-2019)
ISBN 9780578449500
Reviewed by Lydia (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (1/2020)

“Oak Street Treehouse: The Day They Messaged God” by Dick Daniels is the story of a bunch of kids and how they get to talk to God on their tablet. The Oak Street Treehouse kids are hanging out in their treehouse when they get the idea to message God and see if he’ll write back.

They ask Him who He is. To their surprise, He responds right away! He tells them to go outside and look around. The kids see lots of things to write back to God about, like the blue sky and the bright sun. They write back to God and tell Him about all of the things they saw. God writes back and tells them that He made all of those things just for them, and for all of us, too. Then God sends them on another adventure to see things that move by the pond. The kids see lots of things, like fish and worms and an otter. Then God tells them to look for things that don’t move, and they find things like trees and spiderwebs and their tire swing. God is very impressed with what they found! The kids realize that God always answers their questions and wants to get more questions from them another time. They leave the treehouse with another list of questions for Him next time.

This is an exciting book that shows us all of the things that God has made for us, all because He loves us. I like looking at the pictures because they are bright and colorful and make me happy. I like how the kids love God, because they are like me! I think all kids should read this book because it shows all of the kids getting along and shows us how God always listens to us and wants us to talk to Him. After finishing the book, I got jealous of those kids because I want to talk to God!

Note from Mom: I loved reading this book to Lydia and her brother, mostly because I knew the message was positive and it talks about the best thing of all. After finishing the book, it sparked good conversation among us all when we talked about being able to talk to God, how God has already set a way to talk to us: through the Bible and getting to see Him in Heaven. I asked what questions they would have for God, and the main one was what Heaven would be like. The way Daniels wrote this book was very similar to how kids actually talk and act, so it was super easy for my kids to relate to the characters. When you can get your kids to relate to the book, it helps them to retain the story, which is an awesome one to remember!   

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