“Oak Street Treehouse: The Day They Had a Party” by Dick Daniels

“Oak Street Treehouse: The Day They Had a Party” by Dick Daniels 757 1024 Reader Views Kids

Oak Street Treehouse: The Day They Had a Party

Dick Daniels
Leadership Development Group (2023)
ISBN: 978-1737081593
Reviewed by Lydia (age 9) and Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (12/2023)

“Oak Street Treehouse: The Day They Had a Party” is the third book in the Oak Street Treehouse series by Dick Daniels. In each book of the series, the kids who make up the “Oak Street Treehouse” friend group talk to God through a mysterious tablet to ask Him questions and learn about what He wants them to do. In “The Day They Had a Party,” the friends begin the day by meeting with Grandpa GG, the neighborhood grandpa – they enjoy having cookies with him and trying to guess his age. Today, the friends decide to have a neighborhood party and invite Grandpa GG. Before the party begins, some big things happen that have the kids changing their original plans. The friends learn about death and how this affects other people. God teaches them what dying means when you’re a Christian.

I enjoyed reading ”The Day They Had A Party” because, besides the sad part, the rest is happy. The story overall is understandable, and the characters are likable. The sad part had me thinking of my grandpa a couple of years ago. What the Oak Street Treehouse friends learned from God, through the mysterious tablet about death and Heaven, is also what I have learned and believe. Kids of all ages will enjoy this story – those who believe in God will probably understand it better, but those who don’t or don’t know about Him should read it, too. I enjoyed reading what some of the actual Oak Street Treehouse kids thought of Heaven – their responses made me think of Heaven differently.

Note from Mom: “The Day They Had a Party” by Dick Daniels follows the same storyline as the previous books in the series, making it a comfortable read. As with the material and topics discussed in previous stories, it is always appropriate for younger readers to satisfy their desire for answers of all levels. Death can be a heavy topic for readers of all ages and experiences; however, when broken down to its simplest form, it is yet another thing that God has control over, even when we struggle with acceptance and the lasting impact it has on us while on this side of Heaven. The fact that the Oak Street Treehouse kids have their basis in the author’s real grandkids makes the story, at least for me, unique and personal.  

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