“Nurse Florence, What are Some Summer Safety Tips?” by Michael Dow

“Nurse Florence, What are Some Summer Safety Tips?” by Michael Dow 175 262 Reader Views Kids

Nurse Florence, What are Some Summer Safety Tips?

Michael Dow
Dow Creative Enterprises LLC (2022)
ISBN: 978-1387845583
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (06/23)

Summertime has begun for kids out of school, and there is now more free time to do things they couldn’t do during the school year. The likelihood of kids spending more time inside or outside is greater, and with the increase of time spent in either place comes more potential risks if not handled correctly. Parents want their kids to have fun, but at the same time, they want them healthy as well!

In “Nurse Florence, What are Some Summer Safety Tips?” by Michael Dow, Nurse Florence is in the classroom, teaching the children about being safe while engaging in various summer activities. If the reader is familiar with other “Nurse Florence” books, “Summer Safety Tips” follows the same format. If the reader isn’t, the stories begin with three main characters/students – Condi, Jean, and Sonia, who ask Nurse Florence questions about a specific topic in various settings around the school. In this story, Nurse Florence visits their classroom at the request of their teacher; she presents PowerPoint slides to illustrate and enforce the information presented. Nurse Florence showcases advice and answers students’ questions about safety around outside and inside objects (water, pets, fire, the microwave, the sun, etc.).

“Nurse Florence, What are Some Summer Safety Tips?” much like other “Nurse Florence” books, is appropriate for any age level – young and old. Each “Nurse Florence” book is unique in its topic and illustrations, each filled with knowledge beneficial to a healthy and happy life. I appreciate that “Summer Safety Tips” doesn’t just talk about rules around water, which I tend to associate with summer – it includes other safety areas (inside the house and outside in nature) where safety is equally necessary.

Note from Lydia (age 9): I enjoyed reading this book because the information is helpful for any aged reader to read. I was already aware of most of the rules Nurse Florence gives in the book, but I still found them helpful to read again. I hope everyone who reads this book can stay safe over the summer to see their friends and family!   

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