Now For My Next Number!: Songs for Multiplying Fun (with CD)
Margaret Park; Pictures by Sophia Esterman
GreatRiver Books (2007)
ISBN 9780915556380
Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano (age 7) for Reader Views (3/08)


This book, “Now For My Next Number!” is a lot of fun.  It teaches you how to multiply by using skip counting.  It starts with twos and goes up to twelves.  Each song tells a story to help the numbers make sense.  The twos talk about shoes, the threes are witches, and there are animals in some of the other songs.

The CD for this book was amazing!  I liked how it sang the song because that made it easier to read the book.  The songs also fit the pictures really well.  Take track 8 for example: the story was in a dark haunted night and when I listened to the music for it, it fit because there were bells ringing in an old church and bats in the picture and it all fit really good.

I think this book is a great way to help kids my age and higher start to learn how to multiply.  The songs are easy to sing and stick in your head and it works best with you listen to the CD at the same time as reading the book. Once you learn the songs, you can sing them to yourself to help you keep learning your times tables.  I really liked “Now For My Next Number.”

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