Noah’s Animal Friends: A Book and Playset (Board book)
Gwen Ellis
Kregel Kidzone (2008)
ISBN 9780825455421
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4.5) and Max (age 2.5) Aures and                                                       Mom for Reader Views (3/09)

“Noah’s Animal Friends: A Book and Playset” tells the biblical story of Noah’s Ark and comes with many press-out characters and an ark background to play on.

Cayden:  “I like the story of Noah’s Ark and I liked the pictures in the book.  My favorite part is when the dove flew out and found the green branch and they knew they could get off of the ark.  This book is cool!  You can read the book and then you can move around all of the animals and play with them on the ark.  Some of them were hard to get into the holes though.”

Max:  “I liked to play with the animals and put them on the boat.  My favorite is the giraffe.”

Parent’s comments:
My children love the story of Noah’s Ark and this book and playset were a lot of fun for them.  Cayden easily punched out all of the characters on his own.  The only difficulty that we had was getting the small tabbed animals to go into the slots.  A couple of pieces ended up bending a little trying to get them in.  Once my children played with the set for awhile it got a little easier.  Overall, “Noah’s Animal Friends: A Book and Playset” by Gwen Ellis is a wonderful book and the interactive play ensures that your child will remember the story long after the book is read.

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