No More Monsters for Me! (I Can Read, Book 1) (with CD) by Peggy Parish

No More Monsters for Me! (I Can Read, Book 1) (with CD) by Peggy Parish 150 150 Reader Views Kids

No More Monsters for Me! (I Can Read, Book 1) (with CD)
Peggy Parish
HarperFestival (2008)
ISBN 9780061336140
Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano (age 8) for Reader Views (8/08)


“No More Monsters for Me!” is about a girl who wants a pet.  Her mother says she is not allowed to have one because a pet is too much trouble.  One day, Minneapolis (the girl) finds a monster that is lonely and lost.  The monster is in the bushes.  Minneapolis takes it home and hides it in the basement.  She feeds the monster an apple and then she goes upstairs for dinner.  After dinner, Minneapolis goes back to the basement to feed the monster more.  The monster has grown larger and lumpier and there are no more apples to feed it because it ate them all.

The girl tries to hide the fact that she has a pet monster, but she doesn’t like to feel nervous and keep lying to her mother.  She has to tell her mom about the monster.  The mother finally realizes how much her child wants a pet.  The mom says that Minneapolis has to get rid of the monster and she can have a real pet (the mom thinks the monster is a pretend pet).  Now the girl has to find a way to get the monster out of the basement.  She finally gets the monster back to his family and she gets a pet kitten.

This book came with a CD that reads the story to you.  Since I am older and know how to read, I didn’t use the CD too much. The CD is fun to listen to and is better for younger kids who can’t read on their own.  “No More Monsters for Me!” by Peggy Parish was funny and exciting.  I was glad when the little girl got a pet kitten but I’d rather have a pet m

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