Nico & Lola
Meggan Hill & Susan M. Graunke
Genuine Prints LLC (2009)
ISBN 9780615230405
Reviewed by Sophia (age 6) and Madeline (age 7.5) McElroy for Reader Views (1/09)


Sophia: This is a happy and funny story about a boy and a dog named Lola. My favorite part of the story was when Nico gave Lola a treat and he hid it behind his back – I thought this was really funny. My favorite photo is Nico with all of his dog friends at the end of the book. I like this book because I like dogs! Lola is so cute! This was a fun and easy book to read for me.

Madeline: This is a beautiful story about a boy named Nico and a dog named Lola. I like this book because it says stuff about being kind. I also like books about dogs. Nico did a kind thing by agreeing to watch his Aunt Sue’s dog while she was away. Nico liked being with Lola. They became good friends. He played with her and he even shared his favorite blanket with her for a nap. My favorite part of the story is when Nico hugged Lola good-bye. He was going to miss her after his Aunt Sue picked-up Lola after her vacation. I really liked all of the pictures a lot. The best picture is of Nico and Lola walking with neighbor friends in the park. I enjoyed reading this book because it was full of nice things and friends. “Nico & Lola” by Meggan Hill and Susan M. Graunke is a good book about how to treat animals in your care. I learned how to show caring and kindness to animals. You should always give your dog water on a warm day after running a lot.

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