Nicky the Flying Fish
Madlen Krushev
The Magical Realm of Books
ISBN 9780982042601
Reviewed by Madeline (age 7) and Sophia (age 5.5) McElroy for Reader Views (9/08)


Madeline: I thought this was an interesting short story book about Nicky the flying fish. It was fun to read. I learned a lot about rainbow fish. I think I liked the drawings as much as the story. It was funny when Nicky started flying to reach the sun, she kept jumping and jumping. I really like all the designs in the inside covers and front page. I think both boys and girls would like to read this book. If you like fish and the ocean you would enjoy this book. Nicky’s Mom, Rainbow is really colorful; she has pretty eyelashes. I like her a lot. I hope there are more books about Nicky!

Sophia: This is an awesome, happy book about rainbow fish. My favorite part is when Nicky started flying; it looked like fun. I thought the pictures were nice. This book was a little hard to read, but it wasn’t too long, it was just right.

Parent Comment:
“Nicky the Flying Fish” by Madlen Krushev is very colorful (a bit busy) — the girls really enjoyed the artwork as one can tell from the comments above. I wasn’t too excited about the content, but they seemed delighted with it.  I felt the quality of the book (paper choice for cover), binding and the typesetting was sub-par.

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