“Nickerbacher” by Terry John Barto

“Nickerbacher” by Terry John Barto 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Terry John Barto
TJB Kids 2016
ISBN 9781944878276
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 10) For Reader Views (2/18)

“Nickerbacher” by Terry John Barto is the story of a dragon whose job was to protect the life of the princess, like every dragon. But Nickerbacher was different than all the other dragons around. He was very friendly and nice, and close to Princess Gwendolyn. They both loved to watch the late-night show, and Nickerbacher had a dream to be a comedian. One day he heard that auditions were available and he just had to apply for it. Nickerbacher was really excited and really hoped to do it.  His dad was not happy with the idea of him being a different dragon, he wanted Nickerbacher to be scary and mean to humans.

After many attempts of Prince’s coming to the tower to rescue Princess Gwendolyn, this time Prince Happenstance showed up and helped Nickerbacher start his journey. Join Nickerbacher the dragon, Princess Gwendolyn, and Prince Happenstance on the adventures in La La Land! Will Nickerbacher’s dream come true?

People think that dragons aren’t funny and Nickerbacher wants to prove to his dad and the world that dragons can get along with humans and be funny. I liked that he worked hard with the help of the prince and princess and prepared himself for the challenge.

I love the message of how we could all get along, accepting each other, and that we must work on our dreams and try to reach them.

“Nickerbacher” by Terry John Barto is a great story for all kids to believe in ourselves and work for what we love.  I also love the illustrations.

A note from mom:

“Nickerbacher” provides an excellent lesson in life. I loved how he shows that being unique and different is ok. Hopefully kids will learn to follow their dreams, and live happily ever after when their dreams come true.

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