Nellie the Brave: The Cherokee Trail of Tears (1838) (Sisters in Time #10)
Veda Boyd Jones
Barbour Publishing (2006)
ISBN 9781597890700
Reviewed by Anneliese Buenker (age 10) for Reader Views (2/08)


“Nellie the Brave” is about Nellie Starr and her trip from her home to a completely new one on the Trail of Tears.  Nellie is a Cherokee girl who is being taken out of her town along with all the other villagers to a new town on the Trail of Tears.  In the beginning, the villagers think that the white men (the soldiers pulling them out) are very mean and have no right to pull them out.  Even though some of the Cherokee people who were not in charge did sign a treaty that their land went to the white people, but it wasn’t properly signed by the right people so they said it wasn’t an official treaty and they should be able to keep their land.  The white men just laughed and took them away on their journey.  On the way, there are injuries, sicknesses, babies being born, and deaths. 

During the trip, Nellie earns a Cherokee name which is “She Who is Brave.”  Also, she gets a new baby brother which she helped deliver.

I think “Nellie the Brave” is a very, very, very good book because Nellie shows braveness and confidence during her very exciting journey on the Trail of Tears.  I would recommend this book for ages 8 and up.

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