My Shell Book (Smithsonian Board Book) by Ellen Kirk

My Shell Book (Smithsonian Board Book) by Ellen Kirk 150 150 Reader Views Kids

My Shell Book (Smithsonian Board Book)
Ellen Kirk
Collins (2008)
ISBN 9780061115769
Reviewed by Cayden (age 3.5) and Max (age 20 months) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (5/08)


“My Shell Book” is a Smithsonian board book that introduces seven different types of shells.  Each page starts with a question such as “What has an oval shape and colored bands?” and then has the answer “A clam shell” with the picture of that particular shell.

Cayden:  “Shells are in the ocean.”

Cayden:  “Look, it is a white shell.”

Max:  “White shell.”

Cayden:  “What is a spire?”

Max: “Mouth”

Cayden:  “Yes, that shell looks like it has a mouth.”

Cayden:  “We eat clams in soup.”

Cayden:  “That one looks like a screwdriver!”

Max:  “Tool!”

Cayden:  “That shell is purple in the inside.”

Parent’s comments:
My children enjoyed the descriptions of the shells and had fun learning the names of the different types.  Although some of the words used were a little over their heads (like “spire”) they still got the general idea.  The photographs of the shells were very detailed and fun to look at.  “My Shell Book” would be a great book to bring along on a beach vacation to see if you can find the shells pictured in the book!

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