My First Hike (Simply Nature Book) by Catherine Maria Woolf

My First Hike (Simply Nature Book) by Catherine Maria Woolf 150 150 Reader Views Kids

My First Hike (Simply Nature Book)
Catherine Maria Woolf
Dawn Publications (2008)
ISBN 9781584691136
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) and Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (8/08)

“My First Hike” is part of the “Simply Nature Book” series from Dawn Publications.  In this book, a boy and his sister are going on their first hike with their grandpa.  The boy is reluctant in the beginning and doesn’t want to go.  Even after they drive to where they are going to hike he sits on a rock and pouts.  Then he sees a bird fly by with a leaf and has fun starting to explore all of the other things that are out in the woods.  He has so much fun that he doesn’t want to leave!

Cayden:  “We go for walks in the woods too!”

Cayden:  “Why doesn’t he want to go on the walk?  Why does he want to stay home?”

Max:  “Boy sad.”

Cayden:  “Yes, he looks sad in the car but the man and girl look happy.  They want to go on the walk.”

Max:  “Bird fly!”

Cayden:  “He is carrying a leaf.”

Cayden:  “Why is the boy happy now?  Birds carry leaves all of the time!”

Cayden:  She made a necklace out of flowers.”

Max: “Look, deer”

Cayden:  “And a frog.”

Parent’s comments:
Though my children love the outdoors and going on walks, “My First Hike” by Catherine Maria Woolf was only a so-so one for them.  They did enjoy seeing some of the same things that they see when they go for hikes but other than that they didn’t show all that much interest in the book.  Unlike the other “Simply Nature” books that we have reviewed, the illustrations were kind of bland and the story line wasn’t all that exciting.

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